Regarding recent events in Minneapolis

tw: racism, violence

On Monday, May 25, George Floyd fell victim to another act of anti-black police brutality. With one of his final sentences being “I can’t breathe,” George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, who was violently kneeling on Floyd’s neck to hold him down. George Floyd was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead. A police statement cited that Floyd appeared to be in “medical distress”, not mentioning how George Floyd was pinned to the ground by the police officer, compressing his airway.

There have been numbers of incidents regarding police brutality and systematic dehumanization towards the Black community throughout American history. These continuous acts are forms of oppression that are cruel and unacceptable. And we must recognize that silence is never a way to face such injustices. 

We, the members of Kasamahan at the University of San Francisco, stand in solidarity with the Black community and condemn the atrocities brought against them. As non-black people of color, we will not be able to fully understand the traumas and struggles the Black community faces. Therefore, we must be allies by uplifting, listening to, and respecting the voices of the Black community. Addressing the ongoing injustices within the Black community is the first step in overcoming the discord between our communities. Standing in solidarity with the Black community is a step to dismantle our prejudices and break the cycle of oppression. 

Being a part of the Asian-American community, it is imperative to address the harm caused by the myth of Asians being labeled as the “model minority.” We cannot highlight our experiences as Asian Americans without acknowledging the history of anti-blackness within our community. This myth only deepens the divide between Asians and Black people. We must recognize these issues within our community as it heavily impacts the struggles of the Black community.

Silence and neutrality only perpetuate injustice – we must stand in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters and take action to support them. 

  • What you can do to show your support
  1. Stay educated: 
  1. Recognize your privilege, raise awareness: 
  • Analyze your own internalized, implicit biases and learned anti-blackness
  • Uplift the voices of the Black community, use your platform to speak up, help educate others
  1. Take action:
  • Donate to Black-serving organizations (See last slide for more information)
  • Sign petitions, visit 
  • Text “FLOYD” to 55156
  1. Stay involved: 
  • Challenge the model minority myth
  • Educate your family and friends on the injustices black people face
  • Call out racism when you see it


To show our support for those affected, as an organization, we will be signing petitions and spreading awareness through our social media platforms. In addition, Kasamahan will be donating to the TGI Justice Project, Minnesota Freedom Fund, and George Floyd Memorial Fund. 

In solidarity,

Frances Capupus 

Executive Director

Frances Nicole Talino & Krystel Salvador

Community Affairs Co-Directors

Some organizations that you can donate to:

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

  • Mission: to secure equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure well-being of all

TGI Justice Project

  • Mission: strengthens resilience in the transgender, gender variant, and intersex community who are in prison, formerly incarcerated, or targeted by the police

Campaign Zero

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund