In Unity and Solidarity with @BoycottUSF and all the marginalized groups affected.

For the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted and disrupted people from their everyday lives. In spite of new and unforeseen financial hardships, we will be starting a new year at USF with a 4.4% increase in tuition. This tuition increase heavily impacts first generation, low income, and BIPOC students. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced education to turn to virtual modality, causing many students’ instability in housing, books, wifi, and more. We, as the Kasamahan Executive Board, stand in solidarity with Boycott USF as well as all the marginalized groups affected. In order to maintain USF’s statement of “Change the World from Here”, we must support the communities we have here. We are calling the USF administration to uphold their promises of social justice by listening to the voices of their students and meeting the demands of Boycott USF. 

While this is a personal decision for all students, we encourage our members to donate to the USF mutual aid fund to support marginalized USF communities if you are able. Today, August 16th, is USFCA Day of Action. At 12:30 pm PST, there will be a digital protest livestream @2kangie and an in-person protest livestream @keakahiwalani. Check out the link in @boycottusf ‘s bio for a step-by-step digital toolkit on how to take action. We encourage all of you to join these livestreams and take action to support low-income students, first generation students, and BIPOC students.