During June 2022, we took to Instagram to share the rich history, challenges, and achievements of the Filipino LGBTQ+ community,

To start off, we shared a few important historical moments for the queer community in the Philippines through an infographic style post on our main feed, where we covered queer representation in time periods as far back as the pre-colonial era to the present day. Click here to view the original post on Instagram.

We also started the Agyang series on our Instagram stories. Here, we highlighted two new LGBTQ+ figures every week of the month, sharing their achievements and the paths they’ve paved. We also opened up a question sticker where membership could ask any questions they had pertaining to LGBTQ+/Philippine intersections. Click here to view all of the story posts.

We acknowledge that history is far more detailed and complex than posts on Instagram, so we encourage everyone to learn and reflect on current issues and resources available to our community. Click the link below to check out the detailed Pride Month document compiled by our Community and Political Affairs Co-Directors that features in-depth recounts of LGBTQ+ history, answers to our question stickers, organizations, reports, and articles.


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