What is the People Power Revolution?
The People Power Revolution or the EDSA Revolution occurred between February 22nd to February 25th 1986. This historic event marked as a massive feat of widespread demonstrations to protest President Ferdinand Marcos after claiming he won the reelection.This revolution, through peaceful means, united the entire nation and is a symbol of Filipino determination and resolve. 

What led up to the People Power Revolution?
Ferdinand Marcos had been president of the Philippines since 1965 & declared Martial Law in 1972. This dark period of the Philippines witnessed numerous human rights violations, censorship, and suffering of many Filipinos. In 1985, Ferdinand Marcos called for a “snap election” to protect his position. The actual snap elections were in 1986. Many Filipinos fought to boycott the election, especially after Marcos claimed victory in the election.

The Aftermath
After the courageous feat of the Filipino people, Marcos and his family were exiled to Hawaii. Corazon Aquino, widower of Ninoy Aquino and face of the opposition party, was sworn in as president. Today, evidence of historical erasure surrounding Martial Law and the Marcos family continues. As Kasamas, we must continue to fight for the truth and to continue preserving our history. 

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