Welcome to the hub for Kasamahan’s Cultural pillar! Kasamahan prides itself on being the biggest cultural organization at the University of San Francisco, and aims to provide a safe space for Filipino/Fil-Am students to engage with their culture in a plethora of different ways. We host a variety of educational workshops, which are announced on our Instagram and on Slack, and encourage members to get involved in the Philippine political climate (see our KAmmunity page.)

One of our biggest events of the year is our annual Philippine Cultural Night (PCN), a performance where we feature cultural dances from across the Philippines and much more. Click the link below to learn more about PCN and how to get involved with the performances, as well as other cultural resources!

For any questions ABOUT OUR CULTURAL PILLAR OR HOW TO GET INVOLVED, please contact our Cultural Director, James Hermogeno, at usfkacultural@gmail.com

Cultural Updates