Our annual Philippine Cultural Night, formerly known as Barrio Fiesta, is an event that showcases the talents of the Filipinx* student community at the University of San Francisco through skit, dance, and music. Kasamahan’s members will help represent and bring the Filipinx culture to life on stage through performance and art.

Philippine Cultural Night Updates

  • Formerly Known As Barrio Fiesta
    Hello everyone, We hope you all are doing well and staying safe and healthy. We would like to formally announce a name change to our annual cultural showcase from ‘Barrio Fiesta’ to ‘Philippine Cultural Night.’ Our decision with referring to the event as ‘Philippine Cultural Night’ or ‘PCN’ rather than ‘Barrio Fiesta’ stems from a … Continue reading Formerly Known As Barrio Fiesta

Past Philippine Cultural Night Performances

The 49th Annual Philippine Cultural Night 2022: Abel