Here you can find information about membership requirements. Reach out to any of our Executive Board members to find out more! Come attend any of our events to learn about what these requirements mean to your experience with Kasamahan.

Membership Requirements

  • Complete a total of 15 points to be considered an active member! (see details below)
  • All Kasamahan events are given a membership point value at the discretion of the Director of Membership. For example, larger events such as Friendship Games and PCN are worth 3 points, CAPACD workshops are worth 2 points, and KA Mobz (usually on campus events or other events held by Kasamahan affiliate organizations) are worth 1 point.
  • For members that gather at least 8 membership points in the fall semester, a special surprise is in store for you alongside the regular active membership reward!
  • Attend the general meetings as they come!

For any questions, please contact: the Director of Membership at

Membership Updates