All members are welcomed to partake in a committee! It not only earns you membership points, but it’s a great learning experience!

Finance Committee

Want to help support Barrio and raise awareness for issues faced in the Fil-Am community? As a member of Finance Committee, you will help host Kasamahan’s fundraisers. Some perks include: cultivating relationships with other Fil-Am organizations, gaining insight to local businesses, and gaining leadership/professional skills. Contact our Treasurer, Tristan Colafatti, at!

Design Team

As a member of Design, you would be supporting the Publicity Director in creating Kasamahan’s advertisements, props, and/or merchandises. Designing allows Kasamahan’s abstract concepts to become into something tangible. If you are interested in working with your Publicity Director and expressing your ideas in art, this is an environment that is beginner-friendly and welcoming to all perspectives. Contact our Publicity Director, Andre Canta, at

Media Team

This form is to gauge everyone’s interest in Media Team this semester. If you fill out this form, you will be added to a group chat where I will let y’all know when we meet to talk about what we’re gonna be up to for this semester. Contact our Ourstorian, Fred Fajardo, at or through his office hours.

Dance Troupe

Dance Troupe is a great way to get involve with the Culture! Perform for events for our community and learn about our history through movement! Contact our Cultural Director (CD) Sly Pellas at!