The KATE program is a very special program implemented in Kasamahan that we have every year to promote unity and solidarity among membership. The KATE program plays a relatively big part in the assessment, development, and actualization of each member’s human potential and personal talents. This is the opportunity for many individuals to seek the role models they need academically, culturally, and personally and a different opportunity for other individuals to be the role models and impart their wisdom. Kasamahan members are given the opportunity to be a “kuya” (big brother), “ate” (big sister), “kapatid” (older sibling) or even an “ading” (little sibling).

Image description: A large group of Kasamas and their Kuyas, Ates, Kapatids, and Adings after reveal on KATE Reveal Night 2021.

All in all, the KATE program is less serious than a bigs/lils program but more serious than a mentor/mentee program. The idea is to promote stronger bonds and pairings. At the same time we recognize a Philippine tradition which is to acknowledge upperclassmen or role models by simply calling them kuya/ate/kapatid. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you’re comfortable and close to everyone you meet. There’s a difference between a kuya/ate and MY kuya/ate.

KATE Program Updates